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LJ Meet In Reading, Berkshire's Journal
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Date:2003-02-05 01:43
Subject:Hey there.

I just wanted to post as a first-timer. My name is Katie. I am from the U.S.A, actually, but my other half lives in Mortimer, right outside of Reading, and I am a frequent visitor. Only problem is that I very seldom get to do anything on my own while there because I know absolutely no one. I have thought that if you all were as anxious to have meets as you seem, then perhaps you wouldn't mind an American attending. :)

I'd greatly enjoy meeting new people so that I have people to visit or go on outings with while I'm over. :)

Where do you all generally meet anyhow? I take it you choose a public place? Have you had any meets before or is this still an ongoing thing to set a date?

Whereabouts in Reading is everyone from? I know people in Mortimer, Crowethorne, and Wellington College.

Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself and see what kinds of people posted to this community. :)

Hope we can all be friends, despite my Americanism. :)

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